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New Family and Community Health Agent

Hello all!  My name is Christopher Coon and I am your new Bosque County Family and Community Health Extension agent.  I am a recent graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in Dietetics.  I am first and foremost a born and raised Texan!  I’m from Brazoria County and a graduate of Borger High School in Hutchinson County. I am so thrilled and honored to be here in Bosque County and cannot wait to become a part of this… Read More →

18th Annual Central Texas Beef Cattle Meeting

Somervell, Bosque, Hood and Johnson County A&M AgriLife extension offices are partnering to hold the 18th annual Central Texas Beef Cattle meeting. This educational program will feature Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Specialist in entomology, beef cattle, and economics. The date for this event is January 17, 2017 with registration starting at 5:30 PM at the First United Methodist Family Center, 405 North East Barnard Street, Glen Rose, TX 76043. The event is open for anybody to attend. It will provide basic education in agriculture specifically cow-calf operations. Attendees… Read More →

Two Upcoming Programs for Bosque County Agriculture Producers

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office of Bosque County has two upcoming programs for agricultural producers. On Thursday, December 1st the 3rd Annual Bosque County Pecan Show & Bake Show will be held at the Meridian Civic Center. With this event a free educational presentation on Pecan Production and Fruit Trees will be provided to the public from 12 Noon to 1pm. This presentation will be provided by Larry Jim Womack of Womack Nursery in DeLeon, Texas. Remember pecan nut entries are due to the Extension Office by… Read More →

2015 CenTex Beef Cattle Symposium

The 7th Annual CenTex Beef Cattle Symposium will be held on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at the Community Center located at 118 CR 234 Reagan TX. The CenTex Beef Cattle Symposium was requested by local cattlemen and will become a smaller and localized version of the Beef Cattle Short Course held at Texas A&M in College Station.  Speakers will address the Central Texas cattle producers’ issues and concerns.  A trade show will also be a part of the program. This year’s program will include presentations from industry leaders starting… Read More →

Weed, Brush & Insect Program

August 28 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am | $15 The Bosque County AgriLife Extension Office will be hosting a Weed, Brush & Insect Program on Friday, August 28, 2015 at the Walnut Springs Civic Center. Two CEUs will be offered. The registration will start at 8:45am followed by the Program beginning at 9:00am. The presentation includes: Grasshoppers, Armyworms & Pesticide Control Options, New & Established Options for Weed & Brush Control, and NRCS Options for Brush and Weed Control. The registration fee is $15 at the door.  Please pre-register at the Bosque County Extension office… Read More →

Small Grain & Stocker Cattle Conference

August 25 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm The Bosque, Hamilton & Johnson County AgriLife Extension Offices will be hosting a Small Grain & Stocker Cattle Conference on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at the Meridian Civic Center. One CEU will be offered to those holding a private applicators pesticide license. The registration will start at 5:45pm followed by a meal at 6:00pm and program starting at 6:30pm. This year’s presentations include: Small Grain Options and New Technology, Stocker Cattle & Re-Breeding Options, and Current Trends, Futures and Pricing… Read More →

4-H Youth and the Lucky Clover Golf Tournament

The youth are our future.  Everyone has heard or made that statement before.  Well, now is the time to invest in our future!  The youth of Bosque County 4-H continue moving forward to the next steps in their lives. Those steps may be high school, college, technical school or the work force.  The 4-H continues preparing youth not only be productive members of society but confident leaders throughout their lives. The 4-H is dependent upon YOU to make this possible, through donations, sponsorship and volunteering your time and… Read More →

Teens and Distracted Driving – Even Worse Than We Thought!

We all do it.  The phone dings while we are driving, and our first instinct is to read the text message.  While distractions affect drivers of all ages, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found that hand-held cell phone use is highest among 16- to 24-year-olds. This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute reports that 46% of urban teens and 52% of rural teens in Texas talk on a cell phone while driving, and nearly the same… Read More →

4-H Photography Workshop

On Monday, April 13 at 6:00pm Leigh Gilbert, owner of Lovleigh Photography in Meridian, will be leading another 4-H Photography Workshop.  All 4-Hers interested in participating are welcome and should meet at the Extension office at 5:30pm.  The workshop will take place at Meridian State Park and the lesson will be “Taking Your Camera Off Auto”.  Leigh will teach techniques of the other settings on more advanced cameras.  However, you don’t need a camera with advanced settings to participate, any camera you have will be fine.  Participants will… Read More →

Gardening for Your Health!

This week, I have been out in my yard every chance I can get to work in the yard and enjoy the nice weather.  One of my neighbors accused me of having spring fever.  You bet!  I love this time of year, and I am already dreaming of fresh tomatoes and other homegrown vegetables this summer. If you have spring fever also, here are a few things to think about for your vegetable garden. Plant a variety of vegetables to add different nutrients in your diet. Fresh fruits… Read More →