Bosque County Fairs

County Livestock Shows

There are two county fairs Bosque County 4-H members are eligible to participate in.  The Bosque Expo will be held in January in Meridian with a premium sale. The Central Texas Youth Fair will be held in June with a terminal sale.  Exhibitors must secure buyers from buyers groups/etc oneself and read and follow rules for each/either of the county fairs.



2017-18 Validation Schedule


For information on Major Stock Shows or other County Fairs and Jackpot Shows Click HERE!



May 31- June 3, 2017

As is the tradition of the CTYF, this county show will include the annual cash sale of livestock and cakes.

This event is open to exhibitors attending Bosque County schools, Valley Mills ISD and Bosque County 4-H members.

Click the link below to view the Central Texas Youth Fair Catalog for 2017

 2017 Central Texas Youth Fair Catalog


2017 CTYF Results & Buyers List

2017 Sale totals- lambs, rabbits, cakes, Swine

2017 Sale totals- steers, broilers, goats, blueprints

2017 CTYF fair buyers addresses





Bosque Expo Show

Click the link below for the Bosque Expo Show’s complete list of rules and regulations:

Bosque County Expo 2017 Rules and Regulations

2017 Bosque County Expo Market and Meat Pen Entry Form

January 14, 2017 in Meridian FFA Barn

Bosque Expo will require all animals to have a state validation tag to be eligible to participate in this show. Dates and order deadlines are noted below.

2017 Major Shows Tag Order /Validation

Species Tag Orders Validation
Lamb/Goat August 19, 2016 October 24, 2016
Fall Heifer September 9, 2016 October 24, 2016
Swine Validation September 2016 November 28, 2016
Steer/Summer Heifer April 2017 June 26, 2017
State Fair of Texas April 2017 June 26, 2017

**Anyone not able to make the posted validation date must let the Extension Office know at least 10 days prior to the posted validation date. **

**Must order animal tags for major shows
prior to validation**

 Validation does not enter an animal into a show. It simply makes it eligible for entry.



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