Upcoming Livestock Shows and Clinics

 Buckles on the Bosque – October 25, 2020 at the Clifton Fairgrounds (sheep, goat, cattle, swine)

Showdown On The Bosque November 29, 2020

Crawford Livestock October 24, 2020

Winter Classic Flyer December 12, 2020

29th Annual Holiday Classic will be held on October 31, 2020 at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton. (One Day Only This Year) This FREE event is open to all FFA & 4-H Members with lambs, goats, cattle or swine projects. The Holiday Classic Clinics and Prospect Shows are intended to provide an educational opportunity for new families participating in the livestock project area. The main purpose is to teach the basic principles of livestock management as they relate to facility maintenance, selection, nutrition, animal health, handling, showmanship, and transportation.


2021 CENTRAL TEXAS YOUTH FAIR (held in Clifton)


June 8-12th, 2021

As is the tradition of the CTYF, this county show will include the annual cash sale of livestock and cakes.

This event is open to exhibitors attending Bosque County schools, Valley Mills ISD and Bosque County 4-H members.

***2021 Catalog out by January 2021***

2020 CTYF Catalog 

CTYF Replacement Heifer Show Info


2021 CTYF Record Book


For any questions about livestock projects and/or contests contact Chelsea at 254-435-2331.


Deadlines listed are Bosque County 4-H.

Bosque 4-H deadlines may be different than those you see on stock show websites, 4-H Connect, rulebooks or by other counties.

quality counts

IMPORTANT – If you plan to show at any of the major livestock shows, you must have a Quality Counts verification number BEFORE you turn your entries into the Extension Office.  Bosque County AgriLife Extension recommends that all youth showing livestock, even at the county fair, take the test and become verified.

Texas has the largest number of 4-H and FFA livestock projects in the nation.  With this opportunity comes a responsibility for each exhibitor to learn and demonstrate the highest standards, both in personal character and in the feeding and care of their animals. Quality Counts is designed to teach young people the importance of displaying good character in carrying out livestock projects, and in every aspect of their lives.

Quality Counts helps them learn the importance of using proper livestock management practices so that food quality and safety are preserved.  Verification of Quality Counts is a natural extension of this effort to demonstrate that 4-H and FFA youth have a base knowledge of the principles of quality assurance and good moral character.  Now and in the near future many local and major livestock shows will require that a youth exhibitor demonstrate this base knowledge by taking the online Quality Counts Verification test and obtaining a Verification Number.  Your participation in Quality Counts helps ensure that Texas 4-H and FFA members can continue to be a part of the greatest youth livestock program in the nation.

Click here: Take the test & become verified!


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