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Hay Baling in Wet Weather

The moisture content of your hay is important to keep in mind because hay baled with high moisture content levels can have negative impacts such as hay spoilage, barn fires, and decreased nutritive values. A natural event, commonly referred to as “heating,” occurs when growing forages are cut and continue to give off heat due to respiration. Plant and mold respiration generates lots of heat; this does little but provide proper growing conditions for bacteria. If wet hay is baled while it is too wet, microbe populations will… Read More →

38th Annual Bosque County Hay Show & Scholarship Auction

The 2016 Bosque County Hay Show will be held at the Bosque Bottoms Pavilion in Meridian on Monday, October 17, 2016. This year 117 hay bale samples were entered into the contest, this is up from the previous year. Please make plans to come out and participate in the 38th Annual Bosque County Hay Show beginning with the BBQ meal at the Pavilion at 5:30 p.m.  Tickets for the BBQ meal are available at the Bosque County Extension Office (104 S Fuller, Meridian) or may be purchased onsite… Read More →

37th Annual Hay Show

Hay Show Entries Due by Noon