Star Awards

The annual Star Awards Applications will be due on June 2, 2020 at 5:00PM to the Extension Office (this is the same deadline as Bosque 4-H Ambassador Applications).

Guidelines for each of the Star Awards along with the Application can be found below:

Bronze Star – Junior 4-H members

Silver Star – Intermediate 4-H members

Gold Star– Senior 4-H members

Danforth Award – Senior 4-H members

Star Awards Application

The interview for Star Awards will be the afternoon of June 22, 2020. If for any reason your applicant will not be able to interview on this date you will have to arrange a time to come into the Extension Office before June 19 to pre-tape your interview (this is the same date as Ambassador interviews).

All awards will be presented at the 2019-20 Bosque County 4-H Achievement Banquet.


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