And What Have We Here? Normal Rainfall?

By David Winkler

The drought is over! Since the last four rains we had in the county were traditional in manner, I am declaring the drought over. So, just what is normal rainfall?  Our traditional weather pattern is…

“When clouds producing rain move from southwest to northeast inside of
a line of storms that is moving from west to east.”

I have been waiting and watching since 2009 for this normal weather pattern to return. For four years we have received rain from the east, south and north as often as we have received rainfall moving across our county in the traditional manner.  For blessings we thank you Lord.

The wheat and oats that have been planted this fall are in the best condition that I can remember.  We have insects to control instead of worrying about if we will get enough rain to establish a stand.  It is traditional that grazers put stock out on small grains on October 15th.  This was the first time in 4 years that we have started grazing on or before October 15th, and I cannot remember when we had this much wheat and oats to graze on the first of November. More blessings.

The next question is when does or did the next drought start? Will winter temperatures dip to levels that cause injury to the wheat and oat crop? I will leave these questions to forecasters.

If you need CEUs to maintain your private or commercial applicator license then mark December 12 on your calendar.  We will be hosting an 8 hour CEU event with Johnson County.  More details will follow but mark your calendar now.

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