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Drought Brings Tough Times

As we put June behind us and face July with the dry conditions brought by drought, we see a lack of grasses, decreased agriculture crop production, and fires.  While it comes with the territory, none of us want to see any of these.  We can all pray and hope for rain, but until it comes we need to know how to get through these conditions.  If you are an agriculturalist with drought related problems, there are a few information websites available I’d like to share with you to… Read More →

It’s Rain

Thank you Lord for the rain!  As the Bosque county wheat and oat crops are limping towards the finish line the corn, cotton, sorghum and forage crops were in dire need of this rainfall.  I have heard amounts totaling from .75 inches to 2.5 inches.  What a blessing.  If you have been praying for rain do not stop because we are still over 8 inches behind since January in the northern part of the county.  Our subsoil moisture is very depleted.  I know this because the seeps should… Read More →

And What Have We Here? Normal Rainfall?

By David Winkler The drought is over! Since the last four rains we had in the county were traditional in manner, I am declaring the drought over. So, just what is normal rainfall?  Our traditional weather pattern is… “When clouds producing rain move from southwest to northeast inside of a line of storms that is moving from west to east.” I have been waiting and watching since 2009 for this normal weather pattern to return. For four years we have received rain from the east, south and north… Read More →