Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holiday season is here!  Decorations are going up around town, and my taste buds are already anticipating Thanksgiving dinner with my family!  The holiday season is a great time of year, but there is one difficult thing about it.  All of the sweet treats and desserts make it very difficult to eat healthy.

This year, try these tips to maintain your weight through the holidays (or maybe try to lose a pound or two).

  • Eat a healthy snack before heading out to a holiday party so you’ll be less inclined to fill up on foods high in sugar or fat.  A hungry stomach can sabotage even the strongest of willpower!
  • Make one trip through the buffet line, and only choose foods that you really want to eat.
  • Keep your portions small at home, parties or restaurants.  Try using a smaller plate or split an entrée with a friend.
  • Don’t graze at the food table at a party.  This is a quick way to fill up on high-calorie foods.
  • Remember to exercise during the holidays!  Take a walk around the block with friends after a big meal.
  • Enjoy the holidays and sweet treats in moderation.  Have fun and don’t feel too frustrated if you slip up.  Keep your goals in mind and get back on track!

If you would like some extra accountability during the holidays, along with some tips and healthy recipes, sign up for the Maintain – No Gain Challenge.  The goal is to maintain your current weight or gain no more than two pounds during the holidays.  The challenge will run November 24 – January 2.  There is no cost to the challenge, just sign up at  or contact Kate Whitney at the Extension Office at 254-435-2331.


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