Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale

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The 26th Annual Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale will be held April 7-8, 2017!


This year, we are making some exciting changes to the County-Wide Garage Sale!  You will not have to register your garage sale, but you can post information about your sale on our new Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale Facebook page.


Changes Can be a Good Thing

Each year the Bosque County Development Committee hosts the Bosque County-wide Garage Sale.  This year, the committee decided to do things a little different from the way it has been done in the past.  The Extension office has received many calls with questions and issues around this year’s changes.  The information below should clarify some of the issues and address the concerns.

1 – The event has NOT been cancelled. 

We ARE still having the County-wide Garage Sale.  The 2017 County-wide Garage Sale is still an organized event that will bring buyers in from all over the state.  The 26th annual event will be held this year on April 7-8.

2 – We will NOT be publishing a handout with all the Sale Listings. 

We do have a Facebook page dedicated to the County-wide Garage Sale and anyone can list their sales as well as view sales they would like to go to.  Beginning the week of April 3, you will be able to post your sale information.

 Click the picture below to go to our County-wide Garage Sale Facebook page:

3 – What about all those of people who don’t have a computer, smartphone or Facebook? 

We encourage everyone to post in the local papers, as well as pick them up to see what sales are offered in the communities.  We have spoken with all of the county’s papers and they are happy to take care of those wanting to post sales and those shopping for bargains.  Use the classifieds!  The local papers are:

  • Valley Mills Progress – Mark said he’d work out a deal for those wanting to post County-wide Garage Sale ads. Call him at 254-932-6450
  • Lakelander – is distributed free with a circulation of 20,000 and you can put a classified ad in with them starting at $12 in a special area for the County-wide Garage Sale. Contact April at 254-694-4344
  • Clifton/Meridian – Classified ads available to those wishing to post in both community papers.

4 – There is now NO COST to register to participate.

Since we are no longer putting the publication into print and are no longer providing signs, there is no registration fee associated with participating.  You may have costs related to advertising or other elements of your sale, but nothing formal is needed to participate.

5 – It’s not more difficult than in years past, just different. 

For those with computers or smartphones and a Facebook account you actually can give more information out about what your offering and even post pictures and exact driving directions to your location.  Those shopping the garage sales this weekend will be able to search Facebook for “Bosque County-Wide Garage Sale” and join the public group to view all the posts well in advance and map out the locations you’d like to attend.  Those who don’t want to use social media for their garage sale can check the local papers or search out the many signs that color our communities that weekend.

6 – Buyers will be coming to Bosque County especially for this weekend.

We will continue advertising around the state to draw people in to the county for our event.  Plus, with having the group on Facebook, we have the potential to reach many, many more people who could become customers willing to travel to Bosque County for our weekend experience.

Extra Tips for Sellers:

Help yourself – Attract buyers by posting signs to draw in shoppers, bargain hunters will watch for those signs to find a good deal.  You can purchase a piece of poster board at any of the dollar stores for .50 cents to $1.  Bright neon colors are best to get attention.  Write clearly in large bold print.  Don’t add too much information to the sign; people won’t be able to read it as they drive by.  So keep it short and sweet.  Use as few words as possible with large lettering.

Get shoppers’ attention with words like GIANT, or HUGE, or Multi-Family or Church Sale or Neighborhood Sale, Moving Sale, Everything Must Go!  Put your signs on thicker cardboard for support or use a paint stick or yard stick across the top to keep your sign from flopping in the wind or reuse old political signs for your backing (plenty of those around lately) that are already made to stake out in lawns.  You could also put signs on both sides of a cardboard box with rocks or bricks inside to keep it from blowing away.

  • Add an arrow to let them know they’re going the right way.
  • Add a couple of balloons or some streamers, pinwheels or flags, anything that moves to lure the eyes to your sign.
  • Don’t list items, and if you must make it as few as possible – too much information and they won’t see any of it.
  • Forget about the date or time unless you are limiting them to “Friday Only,” save the room to write bigger.
  • For those who are having sales and live in the country you should put up additional signs on your road saying things like “Almost there,” “Keep Going,” or “Hidden Treasures Still Ahead” and then make sure your entryway is clearly marked to let them know they’ve arrived at the correct location.
  • No matter where you put them out, don’t forget to remove your signs when the weekend is over!



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