Bosque County Hay Show & Scholarship Fundraiser

Collection Rules_Hay_2023

Collections Due 9-14-2023 between 8:30AM and 11AM to the Bosque County Extension Office, located at 104 S Fuller in Meridian.

2024 Hay Show Scholarship Application – Due March 1, 2024 (Coming soon)

The Bosque County Hay Show has provided over $254,100 in scholarships to 310 youth in our area.



If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Chelsea Dorward at the Extension Office 254-435-2331.
If you would like to make a donation to the Bosque County Hay Show Scholarships please contact a committee member or call the Extension Office donations accepted through December 31, 2023 for current scholarship awards.

Previous Years: 

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2022 Hay Show Collection Rules 

2021 Hay Show Program

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