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AgriLife Extension Service Honors Superior Service Award Winners

By:  Blair Fannin, Associate Director for Communications, TAMU The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service recently presented its Superior Service Awards, the highest employee honor conferred by the agency. The awards recognize AgriLife Extension faculty and staff members who provide outstanding performance in Extension education or other outstanding service to the organization and to Texans. “Whether its individuals, teams or partners, Superior Service is the hallmark of an organization in being recognized for continued exemplary work,” said Jeff Hyde, Ph.D., Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service director. “The personnel receiving… Read More →

Realistic New Year Weight Loss Plan

It is OK…. everyone breath; it is here again; the beginning of a New Year and countless resolutions to lose weight.  Remember that our weight loss journeys are noble pursuits…and a tremendous way to care for our health and ourselves. How much do I need to lose? We know that even as little as 5% of body weight loss is shown to reduce risks of chronic disease like Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease. For someone that is 200 pounds…that’s 10 pounds of weight loss. That amount is… Read More →

Safe Handling of Wild Game This Hunting Season

It is that time of year, hunting season! For many, it is considered the best time of year. The majority of individuals who hunt do so to provide food for their families. Many prefer the taste of venison over other choices of meat. Venison is high in many vitamins and minerals our bodies need, such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, iron, and calcium. Venison is traditionally lower in cholesterol than many other meats, thus making it a more desirable product. To have a quality, safe meal this hunting season,… Read More →

Water Conservation

The 40 Gallon Challenge is a nationwide call for residents and business to reduce water use by 40 gallons per person, per day. Drought conditions, increased water demands, and water wasting habits put strains on our region’s water supply and this can have negative impacts on our energy consumption, the local environment, and our wallets. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, water delivery and treatment consumes a considerable amount of energy, about 56 billion kilowatt-hours per year or roughly enough energy to power 5 million homes for… Read More →

Turkey Day Trouble

“Back in my day our milk was unpasteurized, we thawed our meat right there on the counter, and the Thanksgiving leftovers were left right there on the table until after the Cowboys beat the Redskins.” These are some common sentiments I hear when talking about food safety, and there is some validity to food safety being lax in the past. Grandma most likely knew exactly where and from whom the meat, dairy, and eggs were coming, the conditions they were processed in, and the conditions of how they… Read More →

Food Safety Tips

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year one in six Americans will come down with a preventable foodborne illness and 128,000 will be hospitalized because of it. Now, even these numbers do not give the whole picture, because not everybody goes to the doctor after a bad seafood dinner, and even fewer cases get reported as a foodborne illness to the proper regulatory authorities. Preventing foodborne illnesses at home is as easy as Clean, Separate, Cook, and Chill. Before, after and even… Read More →

Halloween Safety for Motorists and Pedestrians

Halloween Makes It More Than Spooky on the Road Halloween is coming soon, and children will be out in their neighborhoods to enjoy treats, fun, and games. Motorists and pedestrians can take steps to make this year’s Halloween a safe one! Although Halloween comes before the change back to standard time this year, the days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. With shorter days comes more night driving.  Because nighttime driving is more dangerous, it requires extra attention from motorists as well as pedestrians. Sadly,… Read More →

Helping Your Children Handle Teasing and Bullying

Do you remember the school bully who went around teasing and threatening you or your classmates? Remember how you felt? Remember how you wished he would just go away? Ever wondered what happened to someone who was teased or bullied or what became of the bully himself? Teasing and bullying is an ongoing problem for many of our children. Research reports that as many as 24 percent of middle school students reported bullying others at least once in the past year. It is estimated that almost 30 percent… Read More →

Exciting 4-H Projects Beginning

The 2019-2020 4-H Year is off and running this September and so are a number of Family and Community Health 4-H projects. Consumer Decision Making, Fashion & Interior Design, Food Challenge/Food Show (Food and Nutrition), and Photography will begin soon and stretch into the spring! Consumer Decision Making, a project designed to teach youth the importance of financial management, price comparison, and making informed decisions, will kick off on October 10th at 5pm at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office (104 S Fuller St, Meridian). Participants can expect… Read More →

Working on Wellness is Back!

The “Working on Wellness” program is back for another great year! This free educational program is open to adults who are interested in learning and adopting behaviors that can positively impact their health and wellness.  This year’s program will run from September 1st to October 12th. “Working on Wellness” is a six week educational program that focuses on five simple wellness activities that even the busiest people can find time to do:  getting in more physical activity, increasing vegetable intake, consuming more water, incorporating strength exercises into your… Read More →