Plant ID & Range Science

Plant ID & Range Evaluation Project Meetings

Project Leader – Leigh Ann Murphy


Plant ID

Learn more about the project: Range Science & Management Project

Project Leader: LeighAnn Murphy

The Plant Identification and Range Evaluation Project teaches how to identify what plants are in your field, why they are there, and if they have a positive or negative value to your livestock. Just because you look across your pasture and see green and your livestock are eating, doesn’t mean your pastures are in good condition and your livestock are getting the nutrition they need. As you learn to identify the 129 different kinds of plants and in what seasons they grow, you will also learn to recognize whether they are annuals or perennials, what nutritional values they possess and if they are introduced or native to North America. You will also learn how to manage your pastures and fields to help you get the most out of them for the livestock you are raising and the crops you are trying to grow.

 If you have any questions or are interested in joining  contact  the Extension Office at (254) 435 – 2331.


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