Foods & Nutrition

Bosque County Food Challenge/Food Show

Project Leader: Chris Coon


County Contest – TBA

District Contest – Thursday, December 3

Texas 4-H Food & Nutrition Project Info

The Food Challenge is a great opportunity for 4-H members to show off their culinary skills in a competition similar to the Food Network show Iron Chef!  During the Food Challenge, teams of three to five students are given a set of ingredients and challenged to make a delicious.  Team members must work together to develop a recipe and prepare a dish using the ingredients.  Teams then make a presentation to a judging panel describing the preparation steps, serving size, and nutritional value.

Food Challenge is a great opportunity for 4-H Members to:

  • Exhibit their knowledge and skills when preparing and presenting a dish;
  • Learn to work as a team member;
  • Practice public speaking skills; and
  • Learn leadership skills.


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