Bosque County Hay Show and Scholarships

The first Bosque County Hay Show was held in Clifton in 1979 and was sponsored by the Bosque County Hay Show Committee, Bosque Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Texas Agriculture Extension Service, Bosque County. This year the event is tentatively planned for Monday, October 15th, at the pavilion at Bosque Bottoms (to be confirmed).

The purpose of the hay show has been to provide producers information as to the quality of the hay they are producing. By knowing the quality, producers know if their hay has adequate protein or if they need additional supplements to meet the requirements of their livestock.

The hay from this show is auctioned and proceeds are used to offset expenses in addition to providing scholarships for FFA and 4-H high school seniors in Bosque County. A total of 330 scholarships in the amount of $202,700 have been provided to high school seniors in Bosque County. In 2018, seventeen $750 scholarships were awarded.

This year’s recipients include from Cranfills Gap FFA: Sabrina Wright, the Wade Lee Memorial Scholarship; Monica Biera, the J. B. Wood Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Joshua Wilhelm, a Bosque County Hay Show Scholarship.  From Iredell FFA: Ally Johnson, the Kenneth Shrank Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Garett Fletcher, the John D. & Murlene Smith Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Savanna Potter, Kyra Coffell, Alex Argott and Micah Wellborn a Bosque County Hay Show Scholarship.  From Bosque County 4-H:  Ryann Fischer, the Sandra S. Shrank Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Rylie Fischer, the Jon F. Henderson Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Baliee Barrett, the Marc Johnson Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Emmaline Guillory, the C. Pernell and Rosalie Aars Memorial Hay Show Scholarship; Emily Murphy, a Bosque County Hay Show Scholarship.  From Clifton FFA: Lauren Prescher, the Homer and Vera Erickson Memorial Hay Show Scholarship. From Walnut Springs FFA:  Matthew Martin, the Carroll M. Olson Memorial Hay Show Scholarship.  From Meridian FFA, Darci Gann, a Bosque County Hay Show Scholarship.

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