Flag the Technology

If you’ve driven past a field lately and noticed differing colored flags you are seeing a newer field marking program originally developed by the University of Arkansas.  These flags are used in crop production operations to reduce the risk of misapplication of herbicides.  This practice will make chemical applicators aware of sensitive crops adjacent to the field being sprayed.

Recent herbicide tolerant crop introductions have provided new options for controlling herbicide resistant weeds.  But, the herbicides used in these programs can have detrimental effects on non-tolerant crops. To minimize misapplications, marking fields with designated color flags representing the herbicide tolerant trait(s) has become a beneficial practice.  Flags should be placed in a location clearly visible to applicators upon entry into the field.

Since the color of the flag represents a specific trait technology, multiple flags may be placed in a field where stacked technologies are used, such as those possessing both Liberty Link and Roundup Ready traits. The objective of the Flag the Technology program is to help reduce herbicide application errors, improve herbicide and technology stewardship, and foster good community relations.

A red flag signifies conventional varieties with no herbicide technology traits, vineyards, apiaries, orchards, vegetable fields and organic crop production.

A yellow flag is the color chosen for Clearfield® rice, sunflowers, wheat and canola technologies, STS® soybeans* and INZEN grain sorghum

A white flag represents technology that is tolerant to glyphosate herbicide.

A green flag signifies this technology is tolerant to glufosinate.

A teal flag (with white strips) indicates tolerance to both 2,4-D and FOP (ACCase) herbicides. The white stripes indicate tolerance to glyphosate. Where glufosinate tolerant cotton and soybean are planted, a green flag should be added to denote tolerance to glufosinate. **

A black and white checkered flag indicates tolerance to both dicamba and glyphosate.  A green flag should be added for cotton to denote glufosinate tolerance. **

*Although many herbicides are in the ALS family of herbicides, crops with this technology are not tolerant to all ALS herbicides. ** Stacked technologies may require more than 1 flag.

For more information on Flag the Technology please contact the Bosque County Extension Office at 254-435-2331

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