2015 Bosque County Pecan Show

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of Bosque County will be hosting the 2nd Annual Bosque County Pecan Show and Pecan Bake Show. Everyone with an interest in growing pecans or eating pecans is encouraged to participate! The Pecan Show and Bake Show will take place on Thursday, November 19, at the Meridian Civic Center.  Join us at 12pm for an educational program about growing pecans and to see the winning pecans and baked goods!

The Pecan Show is a great way for pecan producers or homeowners to determine the quality of their pecans as a representative sample is cracked, weighed and evaluated for quality. There are three divisions in the Pecan Show, Native, Classic, and Commercial, with many varieties in each division.  Pecans will be judged on the basis of kernel weight, fill, absence of blemishes and color. Exhibitors are limited to one entry of each named variety they grow.

The exhibitor must be the grower, and pecans must have been grown in Bosque County during the 2015 year. An entry consists of a minimum of 50 pecans of the same variety; entries containing more than one variety are disqualified. The variety can be identified at the show if the producer does not know.   The winning pecans will be sent to the Regional Pecan Show to be held in Kerrville on Wednesday, December 9.

Any Bosque County resident (youth or adult) may enter the Pecan Bake Show.  Entries should be delivered to the Meridian Civic Center between 8-10am on November 19.  Judging will begin at 10am, and the entries will be displayed at 12pm.

Only one dish may be entered per class. The entry classes are pecan pie, pecan cake, pecan bread and rolls (1 loaf/6 rolls), pecan candy (12 pieces), pecan cookies (12 cookies/brownies). All entries must be prepared by the exhibitor and entries must be displayed in a disposable container. Entries in the bake show must be accompanied by a complete copy of the recipe with no names or identification of the exhibitor on the entry or containers.

For more information or a full list of rules or information on the Pecan Show contact Chelsea Dorward at chelsea.dorward@ag.tamu.edu or 254-435-2331. For a full list of rules or more information on the Pecan Bake Show contact Kate Whitney at klwhitney@ag.tamu.edu or 254-435-2331.

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