Planting Planning

A return to “normal” Texas weather for the first week of August has brought back the 100 plus degree temperatures.  This extreme heat is browning out the pastures, curling leaves on the hay crops and forcing homeowners to water their lawns.  The good news is that cooler fall weather is just a week or two away.

When I first moved to Bosque County the Central Texas Youth fair was in the 3rd week in August.  If my memory serves me, we usually had a front move through that knocked the temperatures out of the triple digits.   I will go on record to say that 99 degrees is much more bearable than the 104 degrees that we bathed in last Thursday and Friday.   Come on cold fronts!

With these upcoming cold fronts comes the chance for fall rains.  These rains signal the fall planting time for wheat and oats.   Late August through early September is the planting time for producers who want to graze their fall planted crops.  Producers who are not interested in grazing their grain fields can wait till mid-October to plant their small grains.

Wildlife food plots should also be planted during the time period between late August and early September.  A mix of blackeyed peas and oats works well for our area of the state.  The peas will give you an early surge of growth and will disappear with the first frost, while the oats will remain as a great forage crop.

The upcoming fall growing season is a great gardening time.  Some selected vegetables and their planting time are:  August 1 for southern peas; September 1 for snap bush beans, broccoli and cabbage; and September 10 for summer squash.

While you are making plans for the fall season, don’t forget to put the Small Grain Stocker Conference on your calendar for the evening of August 26. It is a great way to get a Continuing Education Unit (CEU), it’s just up the road in Cranfill’s Gap, and only cost $10 if you preregister or $15 at the door. You can register by calling 254-435-2331 or online at Also, dinner is included; now that’s a cool way to spend a hot summer evening.

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