It’s Rain

Thank you Lord for the rain!  As the Bosque county wheat and oat crops are limping towards the finish line the corn, cotton, sorghum and forage crops were in dire need of this rainfall.  I have heard amounts totaling from .75 inches to 2.5 inches.  What a blessing.  If you have been praying for rain do not stop because we are still over 8 inches behind since January in the northern part of the county.  Our subsoil moisture is very depleted.  I know this because the seeps should be yielding water and they have not in several months.

As long as we are talking about water, I am looking for a demonstration cooperator that would like to convert their above ground garden sprinkler irrigation system to a drip system.  We are trying to demonstrate the water savings that can be achieved with drip irrigation.  We have a few requirements but if you are interested in learning more please let me know.

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