Recent Freeze Damage

The old wives tale of “a mesquite tree not leafing out until the last frost has passed” was certainly proved wrong again.  Much of this past week I was out of the office inspecting freeze damage to local wheat crops.  Damage has varied across the county depending on field location and stage of development.  The most adversely affected fields have been in the Bosque River Bottom on late developing wheat.  I observed as much as 100% damage in fields located in Northern Bosque County and as little as 30% damage around Clifton.  The wheat heads in fields that were totally destroyed by the freeze were starting to turn pale or white by late last week.

The least damaged fields have been outside of the Bosque River Bottom.  These fields were more mature and drought affected.  In general these fields had less than 10% damage.  The outlook has certainly dimmed, considering our wheat production was already limited by the drought.  I should also note that we also have damage to the corn crop from the freeze.  This has been estimated to be about 10% stand loss on corn and less on milo.

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