Bosque County One Day 4-H

One Day 4-H was a Success!

On Saturday, October 12, thirteen Bosque County 4-H members and nineteen 4-H leaders, parents and community volunteers came together to beautify the Valley Mills City Hall for One Day 4-H.  These members and volunteers worked all day long, even through the big rain storm, to make sure this project was complete.  Working together, their efforts made city hall more attractive and maintenance free for the city of Valley Mills.




As a result of this project, the people of the community can now enjoy the following plants while visiting city hall:  New Gold Lantana, Red Yucca, Aloe Vera, Gulf Coast Muhly, Germander, Desert Willow, Bull Vine, Salvia Gregii, Holly Dwarf Yaupon, and Asian Jasmine.  The beautiful limestone rock that was used to border the newly planted areas has a rich history in Valley Mills, as it came from the grocery store wall that fell down a few years back.  Originally, these rocks came from the old Valley Mills Quarry across the Bosque River.  Also, the rainwater harvesting system was installed and completely filled up with water from the rains we received.  The collected rainwater will be used to maintain the newly planted areas and lawn at City Hall.

Bosque County 4-H members hope that projects like this will inspire others to improve the county and work together to take care of our community.  The event also caught the eyes of some Valley Mills youth that inquired about joining 4-H.  They mentioned wanting to get involved in meaningful projects where they can learn, have fun, and make new friends.  We are always looking for new 4-H members!

Bosque County businesses and individuals graciously contributed monetary and supply donations to make this project happen.  Bosque County 4-H would like to give a big “Thank you” the following people for their amazing contributions to the One Day 4-H Project.

Texas Rural Living – Clint Tunnell

Craig & Dayna Robinson

Meridian Ace Hardware – Dennis Clark

Bear Contractors – Olenn Morrisson

Valley Mills Feed & Hardware

City of Valley Mills

Bill’s Body Shop

Keystone Automotive – Keith Allen

Mayor Jerry Pierce

Winkler Cattle Company

Larry & Charlotte Harlan

Wes Hillin Trucking

Jerry Smith


Also, thank you to the following people who physically made this project happen, with hours of much appreciated manual labor.

4-H Members:  Shelby Crockett, Laramie Crockett, Marigrace Dyer, Shiann Sparkman, Kenzie Kretzmeier, Court Kretzmeier, Merritt Kretzmeier, Lane Smajstrla, John Seely, Liz Seely, Daniel Seely, Rachel Planer, and Lauren Planer.

Parents/4-H Leaders/Volunteers:  Quinnton Pierce, Frank Talley, Craig & Dayna Robinson, Larry & Charlotte Harlan, Vicki Crockett, Martina Dyer, Mayor Jerry Pierce, Donna Veteto, Bill Lancaster, Norm & April Planer, Brian & JoAnn Sparkman, Shelly Smajstrla, David Winkler, Kate Whitney, and Christi Hillin.

Bosque County 4-H is already looking forward to planning the 2014 One Day 4-H Project!

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