Rainwater Harvesting Program

RaindropWhat could I do with 24685 gallons of water?  I could use it for 6 months of in household water for my spouse and I, which equates to about 70 gallons of water a day each.  I could water our small raised bed garden and containers with 1 inch of water 484 times.  I could supply all the supplemental water our 10 fruit trees and house flowerbeds and landscape trees would need for 1 year.

If you are asking where would I get this much water?  I could have harvested it last week when we were blessed with 6.6 inches of rainfall by utilizing rain water harvesting from the roof of my house and barn.  With a properly designed system for collection and storage I could easily operate my house hold on rainwater in normal years.  In drought years, I might have to cut out watering grass or utilize well water for that purpose.

Rainwater harvesting makes “cents” as well.  The estimated cost to drill and complete an 800 foot second trinity well would be around $28,000 – $30,000.  A rainwater harvest and delivery system for my house and barn is estimated to cost less than $10,000.   Another advantage to using rainwater is the quality of water is outstanding, needing little more than a UV light for purification. Rainwater used it the house requires less soap and other chemicals to do the same job of bathing or washing clothes and dishes.  With rainwater there is no sodium or other mineral issues that create health concerns.   Financially and environmentally a rainwater harvesting system makes sense.

This event will take place at the Meridian Civic Center, 309 West River Street Meridian, Texas 76665.  Registration will start a 9:00 am on Thursday, September 5.   The programs will begin at 9:30 and last till 4:00 pm.  The class will continue on Friday and 8:00 am and conclude by noon.   The event will have a registration fee of $20.00 dollars if preregistered by August 30 or $30.00 for walk-ins.  For more information contact the Bosque County Extension office.

Educational programs of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, or national origin. The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating.

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