Central Texas Youth Fair Thank You Notes

envelope and noteCongratulations to all of you who made the sale at this year’s Central Texas Youth Fair! With this honor come a few obligations. Please remember to provide thank you notes and plaque to your buyer(s). The cost of the buyer’s plaque was deducted from your sale check. 4-H members will receive their plaques at the awards banquet on August 17, 2013.

As for thank you notes, it is appropriate to place an ad in the local newspapers. However, you will also need to contact the chairperson of the support group or buyer that purchased your animal. Please see the attached list of all the people who contributed to your sale. A buyer’s address list is available below for your convenience.

If your project was purchased by the Champion Buyer’s Group you will need to note the Champion Buyer’s Group List. This group consists of several couples that contribute to this group. Some of them live in places other than Bosque County. Please send a thank you letter to each person listed in this group.

We had a great sale this year. Writing a personal note to your contributors is a small way to say thank you for their generous donations! We will need you to provide a copy of the ad and/or thank you notes to our office before we issue you a check. Thank you!

2013 CTYF Sale Summary

2013 CTYF Buyer Information

2013 Champion Buyers Group


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